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Welcome One and All .....


Well folks, it has been a long time coming and now here we are going live. It seems to me I work more and harder on everyone elses stuff before my own. Alright, enough bellyaching.


What do I want to present here, well, I guess I have many different things I would like to cover. As you can probably tell from the extended menu at the top and left, we will try to delve into these different areas, either with information or speculation of my own as well as others.


This is to provide a media outlet and connection with the world at large. I want to provide to everyone the knowledge and know how I have gained over the last 40 yrs. In this, I offer an invitation to all from the Ransbottom Clan and extended family to come and visit. We have an absolute need to create a connection with the family at large and re-establish the value of 'Family'. This all starts with our very foundation and our roots. My intention is to pull this together all right here.


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